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  • Wood Twist Drill Bit

    Contact NowWood Twist Drill BitThis installer tool is for use in furniture making,doweling,cabinetry,and other woodworking applications where an exact hole size is required. 1)Bead point provides a accurate position for drilling a hole. 2)Spur cutting edges reduce splintering and ensure a smooth,clean hole. 3)Wide flutes...Read More

  • Tri-flute Auger Bit

    Contact NowTri-flute Auger BitTri-flute Auger Bit which is also made of 65# high carbon steel is our hot-seiling product. 1) Self feeding screw point provides fast boring in hard and soft woods,for precise and easy drilling. 2) Cutting spurs have 3 cutting edges for added durability,accuracy and faster chip ejection. 3)...Read More

  • Wood Flat Bit

    Contact NowWood Flat BitWood flat bit is forged in one piece from high carbon steel. The hardness of the cutting point and the blade is 50 HRC. It is used to drill in all types of wood,such as soft and close grained wood, chipboard and floor board.Read More

  • Flexible Wood Drill Bit

    Contact NowFlexible Wood Drill BitFlexible drill bit is a kind of special wood drill bit, which is made of 65#high carbon steel and is used to drill holes in all types of has some extraordinary advantages as follows : 1) Fully heated and tempered 2) Easy for pulling wire and clampig screws in thin sections. 3) Aggressive...Read More

  • Four Flute Wood Auger Bit

    Contact NowFour Flute Wood Auger BitThis patented self-feeding four-flute wood auger bit is our leading product,which has some extraordinary advantages as follows: *Made of #65 high carbon steel (SAE1065 steel) for various woods drilling at 6 times faster than standard flat bits or its 3-flute counterparts. *Full screw tip for...Read More

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